Hey!  It’s Allen.  I’m so excited you’ve found our website and are checking it out.  So you’ve heard about this club that serves these amazing shakes but aren’t sure how it all works?  Whether you are ready to make some changes in your life or are just looking for something delicious for lunch, you’ve found us. 

So now what?  The first thing I want you to do is walk inside the door.  I know… I know… new things can by scary, but I guarantee you’ll be met by a smile and someone behind the bar who will welcome you right in.  Take a seat at the bar where there is always room for one more.  You’ll probably see Steve, who is in the middle of an epic weight loss journey.  You might meet Tracey, a busy mom of two swinging through during her lunch break from work.  Eric and Steph will introduce themselves since everyone loves new faces.  And boom. Just like that you’re part of the family and all you had to do was walk through the door.

Speaking of doors, ours might be a little tricky to find.  You can pull up on the side of the Two Rivers Health Center building, and you’ll see our Healthy Impact sign by the side door at the top of the steps.  Our unassuming door leads to epic things!  Otherwise, park right out in front of the Two Rivers Health Center parking lot, walk through the main doors like you own the place and we’re in the back of the building hanging out behind the Fitness in Motion weight machines.  That smiling face I was telling you about?  Whether its mine or one of the awesome coaches who work here, we’re going to hook you up with a delicious shake and an energy drink.  Who wouldn’t want a little pep in your step, right?  No pressure. No commitments.  If you’re interested in hearing more about our nutritional products, awesome- we’re happy to share.  If you’re interested in making some real changes in your life, we got you.   No matter if you stop in just once or once every day, we’re so happy to have you.  So what are you waiting for?  Come take a seat at the bar.