What is it? Aloe vera is a tropical succulent
plant. Aloe vera gel is a clear substance derived
from the fleshy leaves of the plant, and after
processing to remove certain phytochemicals,
it is the form in which aloe vera is
commonly used.
-What does it do? Aloe vera is well-known for
its ability to soothe, moisturize and lubricate the
skin. Aloe vera is also soothing to the stomach
and supports overall digestive health by
supporting nutrient absorption.

-Why is it important? As foods pass through
the digestive system, they are broken down
so that nutrients can be absorbed from the
intestines into the bloodstream. Aloe vera
supports this absorption process, so that
nutrients are available for the body to use.
-Where is it found? Aloe vera is a common
ingredient in creams, lotions, cleansers, soaps,
shampoos and ointments that are designed
to be applied to the skin. Aloe vera is also
incorporated into beverages and teas, that
are meant to be consumed to support
healthy digestion.