• You would have to swim nonstop for an hour to burn off the calories in a slice of
pecan pie.
• You’d need to swim nonstop for 90 minutes to burn off the calories in a typical
coffeehouse cinnamon roll.
• After the age of 50, calorie needs decline about 1% per year. To avoid weight gain,
increase exercise, especially strength training.
• The calories you burn processing nutrients is called the thermic effect of food. Fat
requires the fewest calories; protein the most.
• Men generally have more muscle than women, so their metabolic rates are about 5-
10% higher.
• The average person has over 100,000 calories stored in the body as fat.
• You’ve probably got excess fat if you can ‘pinch an inch’ on your belly, above your
knee or on the back of your arm.
• Count calories in & out carefully. People underestimate calories eaten by 20-40%.
• Losing weight too quickly could cause you to lose lean muscle. Eat less, move
more, & your weight will take care of itself.
• Calorie needs drop as you lose weight, so progress slows down. More exercise,
portion control will keep it moving.
• Know your calorie budget. Most people overestimate how many calories they need
each day.
• Add a dash of hot sauce to tomato juice. Compounds in hot peppers give your
metabolism a little boost.
• Clean up and slim down. Just 30 minutes of housecleaning can burn 100 calories.
• About 10% of your daily calories are spent on processing, digesting and absorbing
your food.