• When restaurant portions are huge, save half for tomorrow. You won’t be stuffed & can
enjoy your delicious meal twice!
• When you eat out, skip the starch & double the veggies. You can save at least 200
• At restaurants, make a meal of one appetizer & one side dish. Small portions help with
calorie control.
• Avoid pressure from servers when you eat out. You don’t need to eat greasy appetizers
while you look over the menu.
• Try working a restaurant buffet backwards. High calorie dishes are often first; fruits &
veggies at the end.
• Spoil your dinner! Snack on some raw veggies, a piece of fruit or a carton of yogurt
before going out to eat to keep portions down.
• When you eat out, try dining ‘family style’. Order 1-2 fewer dishes than there are people
allows variety, yet helps with portion control.
• A typical ladle at a salad bar holds about 4 TBSP – filled with full-fat dressing, it’ll cost
you about 300 calories.
• When dining out, sit at the end of the table to avoid the bread, chips and shared plates
that are placed in the center.
• Too many meals out can add up. Socialize with friends over coffee or tea instead, or
meet up for a walk around the park.
• If you’re dining out with friends, place your order first so you’re not influenced by what
others order.
• Learn the language of menus. Healthy cooking methods = grilled, baked, steamed,
broiled, poached, stir-fried, roasted.
• Make use of online menu and nutrition information from your favorite restaurant to plan
your healthy meal ahead of time.
• Calorie counts on menus can underestimate by as much as 20%, so choose carefully.