-The foods that contain beneficial fats include nuts and seeds, olives and olive oil, seafood and
avocados. Here are some ways to work more of these beneficial fats into your day.
Nuts and Seeds
Almonds, pistachios, walnuts and pecans are considered “tree nuts”, which have more omega3s than peanuts – which aren’t actually nuts, but beans. Here are some ways to include more
nuts and seeds into your diet.
• Have a handful of nuts for a snack.
• Stir some nut butter into oatmeal, yogurt or Herbalife® Formula 1 Shakes or spread
some on apple slices for a quick snack.
• Use finely ground nuts as delicious crispy coating for fish or chicken. Dip fish filets or
chicken breasts into beaten egg white, then lightly coat with ground nuts. Season with
salt and pepper, then bake or saute.
• Sprinkle nuts or seeds into green salads, on top of cooked vegetables, yogurt or hot
cereal, and into your shakes.
• Mix tahini (sesame seed paste) with lemon juice, salt and pepper for a tasty salad