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Five Tips for Cutting Your Sugar Intake

• Read Nutrition Labels. This is really the first step in reducing your sugar intake for a couple of reasons. First, sugar comes in many forms, so you’ll want to read your ingredients list carefully for words other than just “sugar” – sucrose, glucose, dextrose,...

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TIPS- Dining Out

• When restaurant portions are huge, save half for tomorrow. You won’t be stuffed & can enjoy your delicious meal twice! • When you eat out, skip the starch & double the veggies. You can save at least 200 calories. • At restaurants, make a meal of one...

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TIPS for Energy and Metabolism

• You would have to swim nonstop for an hour to burn off the calories in a slice of pecan pie. • You’d need to swim nonstop for 90 minutes to burn off the calories in a typical coffeehouse cinnamon roll. • After the age of 50, calorie needs decline about 1% per year....

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